Sales People Know Their Stuff

What I hate most when shopping in Manila are the sales ladies. You ask, “Miss do you have the kind of shoe with this accent in such and such color.” They will reply to you with, “Kung ano nandyan sir yun na yon.” (“Whatever you see there that’s it.”)

Arrrghh! I spy good service in Bohol malls. A worthy place for me doubloons.

In Bohol they will tell and point. “It’s over that section two shelves back” then shout to their companion,”Hey dai, sir is looking for something could you please help him out.” Or if they don’t know they’ll make an effort of conferring with the other sales people, “Do you know what sir wants?” There will be a conversation with actual fact finding and an honest look at their inventory before they say, “We’re sorry we don’t have that.” It’s that willingness to actually help out that endears Boholano sales people to me.

Case and point, I was looking for the latest issue of  Entrepreneur Magazine, and I couldn’t find it even with a careful search at the stands. So I asked the saleslady. “Do you have the October issue? All you have here is September.” She proceeded to look through the magazine stand and sure enough there was no October issue. But instead of dismissing me, she says, “I’ll go check if we already have October in stock.” She then comes back with an October issue freshly liberated from their backroom. “Here sir we already have it it’s just not been displayed.”

One other time I was in the market for household furniture and something caught my eye. The salesman actually whispers to me and says, “If you can wait for the 15th of the month, we have a sale coming up, that item will have another 20% off.”

Now that’s service!



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