What got me started on this blog? I drew inspiration from a guy who showed me that tours should be entertaining and informative. That the “guide” shouldn’t just take you to the place and leave you taking pictures of duck faces and peace signs.

His name is Carlos Celdran. When I was in his Walk This Way tour in 2005 he showed me a side to Intramuros, Manila that I never got from my history classes anywhere from grade school to college. He’s kinda like the history teacher you wish you had, witty, informative, sometimes self deprecating but always entertaining.

Tour Guide Extraordinaire

I thought to myself, I wish I could do that. So well here’s the start. Bohol is too big for a walking tour and I can’t see myself driving a tour van (not yet anyway). It took a while from being smitten by the beauty of the island to getting to know her well enough to brag about her. The Boholanos have grown up with this green luscious paradise surrounding them. But coming from Manila, I find all this refreshing and wonderful. While I miss the bustling crowded streets and bumping shoulders with the fast paced crowds of Quiapo and Divisoria or the rolling sardine can that is the MRT, I love coming back here. I once told a friend that Bohol is a place, “Where 007 would do his R&R to hide from MI-6.”

So Doctor No wasn't shot in Bohol, but it could've been.
“Are you looking for seashells?” “No, just looking.”

There’s more to come, you haven’t seen anything yet.



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