To Beach or not to Beach

…that is the question. Whether ’tis better to abide amid white powdered sands and coconut trees or to dwell within the city and be free.

Okay that’s all the Shakespeare I got in me. But that is a serious question. Where to does one stay in Bohol? When my friends ask that I reply with, “What are you here for and how long are you staying?”

I say beach, when you want to do the whole water sports thing, jetski, helmet diving, scuba diving, dolphin watching, island hoping etc.

I say city, when the goal is the countryside tour, chocolate hills, tarsier, 30 foot python, hanging bridge, 16th century churches and light houses, man made forests, river cruising…did I mention 30 foot python yet?

Now that’s a Snake

Of course you can have both. But what you really came to do can help determine where you should stay. If you wanna tour more and take a dip  in the beach and pose in your bikini, find accommodations within city limits. Going to the countryside tour is cheaper taken from the city. If you absolutely can’t live without malls and a nearby place to show off your moves, stay in the city. Besides if all you want is water, many mainland resorts have pools.

Another reason for city accommodations is that going home to accommodations outside the city is an added expense to your tour. You can make it worth your while though to add the sites of Panglao (yup there are other things to see than beaches).

Now, if you wanna slow down and really want to wake up to the sea breeze every morning and get away from it all, take a beach accommodation by all means. Over at Alona there are several quaint, quiet places, and some happening places, and empty places to hold hands and stare at the moon and stars next to the mellow waves. It’s pretty romantic I tell you.

Whatdya think of my sand castle?

Though you may need to plan and set aside some cash for going around Panglao at night. Because while there are lots of places to wine, dine, chill and part, they tend to be scattered. Alona is pretty self contained and there’s a lot to do. There’s more to Panglao than just Alona but without your own transportation you can get stuck or be at the mercy of tricycles and habal habal whose services are a premium at night.

A piece of advice for those with an inner beach bum, do the necessary supplies shopping over at Tagbilaran before you isolate yourself in your tropical paradise or you may end up missing some of your creature comforts.

So, to beach or not to beach? You know what? Do both. Come back to Bohol after your first visit and you can do the other thing.  Bohol has so much to offer that you can’t realistically cram and properly appreciate everything in just one weekend.



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