Bohol’s Night Out

A few years back, if someone were to ask me what my complaint about Bohol was, I’d probably put the lack of night life on top of the list. There I was, thinking, TGIF! So I slowed down after work, took a nice long bath, ate an unhurried early dinner, thinking I would go out and about the city around 8-ish. Then, <insert cricket sounds> I found out that getting a ride after 8pm was difficult, and that my only choices were the mall for a late night movie, or look for a beer joint where I can get wasted and sing Karaoke. In short it was boring. Ending at 11pm is not my idea of staying out late. That’s early by Manila standards.

Every now and then ICM would have mainstream Filipino bands come over and perform for free. That was able to bring the night to a later (or earlier) end, around 1230 am. But the only sure fire way to stay up till the break of dawn was to go clubbing, and that’s not for everyone.

But things have slightly changed now. And I happily blame it on coffee. Cheap flowing coffee from Dunkin Donuts became available 24/7, right in front of the City Plaza. Sure there were already coffee shops around, but they were either expensive or inaccessible or both. When Dunkin Donuts coffee came to the scene, students can pull out all nighters, friends can talk till the wee hours of the morning, and creative people go there and bring their laptops over to write or layout or surf the web.

The power of the French Revolution now the stimulant of choice for the city of Tagbilaran.

From then on more 24 hour food places and hole-in-the-wall shops sprouted like mushrooms. McDonald’s stayed open till midnight. Internet Cafes stayed open till 2am. Spas sprang up all over the place with the promise of rubbing away your workday stress till 12am. Live music became popular, playing everything from pop to acoustic. Convenience stores appeared. Street barbecue and burgers became popular, and more street vendors now cater to those who are trying to have a good time on a budget. Most importantly, there are now  more tricycles and habal-habal drivers plying the streets at night.That means you could find your way home in any state of inebriation.

Suddenly, there’s more to do than drink, dance and destroy the mic. There are more places to go to and just chill. And that’s all I was really looking for, a city to stroll in at night.

Now the city is a little livelier, a little brighter, but not enough to drown out the stars.


I would like to say that today’s post marks Boholeyes’ 10th post and its first month.  So I would like to say thank you, to my fellow WordPress bloggers who have been liking my posts from day one, to readers who cared to comment and rate my posts, and to friends who thought that this endeavour is a good idea. Thanks everyone.


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