Tying the Knot in Bohol

It’s February, the love month. And June, the wedding month is fast approaching. Are you planning to be a June bride this year? How about a destination wedding? Have you ever thought of tying the knot here in Bohol? (Which actually sounds somewhat like a pun in Tagalog because buhol which sounds like Bohol is knot in Tagalog.)

Bohol may seem to be too far a place and too expensive a destination, to put on top of an already expensive wedding budget. But when you consider that big expensive wedding in Manila because of you bloated guest list, then consider an intimate wedding in Bohol it doesn’t sound so expensive at all.

Wedding Ceremony scheduled in time to catch the sunset when you kiss the bride.

In a destination wedding the couple has the privilege of inviting only those they want and only those who are willing to shell out airfare. And if they do have to fly someone over, it can come from savings made from that extravagant one you had in mind earlier. Consider that the expense of 10 people in a reception table is roughly equal to a round trip plane ticket from Manila to Bohol. Best of all, introductions during a Bohol wedding event sound something like, “This is my uncle” or “my college best friend.” And not “this is my sister’s boss” or “the neighbor of my officemate.” In short these are the guests that you want to be there.

So what’s stopping you? Oh that’s right, you’re not from around here. You wouldn’t know how to plan your wedding in this paradise. Lucky for you, I know just the people who can turn this around for you.

Mae Supremo-Li, founder (left) and the Supreme Weddings team (right).

Supreme Weddings of Tagbilaran City, Bohol aims to give you the supreme wedding experience. After all you only get married once (well most people anyway). It’s been around since 2004 and it from being a one-stop wedding shop into a wedding coordination outfit when a friend coordinated the founder’s own wedding.  In their capable hands Bohol becomes not only viable, but a coveted wedding destination. Imagine, pre-nuptial pictorials in the Manmade Forest, the Chocolate Hills or on the Loboc River Cruise, ceremonies in 16th century church buildings, or in powdery white sand beaches with pristine blue waters.  “Bohol is a nice place for weddings. It is known for the beautiful beaches, churches and friendly people. Having a wedding here also means giving your guests a treat to see the beautiful island, they do not just come here to share in the joyous occasion with the couple but also to have a great vacation.”

Bohol boasts of Old and Scenic Churches for your weddings.

What makes Supreme Weddings the supreme wedding experience? Mae Supremo, founder of the company, boasts of a crack team of very beautiful and very well trained ladies, they have the right stuff and the savvy to make your wedding hassle free. “We make sure that every couple is happy with our service and every guest in the wedding enjoys the day and can not feel stress or bothered with any wedding detail. We feel that every wedding is a marketing event and we should display our best service for everyone to appreciate our presence in the wedding. Not a single member of the family should feel the stress of the wedding day. We try to be ready with everything that they could possibly ask for~ hairpins, glue, thread, band aid, tissue, pads, medicine ~we have them in our emergency kit.” They’re not kidding about emergency kits, each coordinator on site wears matching belt bags carrying the aforementioned items.

While Supreme Weddings is a well run business, they treat the entire enterprise as a friendly adventure between staff and clients. “Although this is a very serious industry, we try not to think of it as just business. It’s something we all love.”

Just exactly how well do they work? “Our team has successfully coordinated four weddings in one day, all at different locations,” relates Mae. How’s that for starters?

In a business where people tend to avail of your services just once, they may see the same faces in future weddings when someone else from the kin family has their turn in tying the knot. Friends of the bride and groom ask for them during the ceremony. “Every wedding is a marketing event, we do our best to be efficient. Where others have a table stationed for business cards during the event so the guests may take one, for us we just wait for the guests to ask – discretely.” They’ve become quite the wedding coordinators that they have handled international clientele many who have not even seen Bohol but have heard of Supreme Weddings.


UPDATE: This blog entry has been picked up by The Bohol Chronicle in it’s hard copy edition dated February 17, 2013.


photographs were taken from the Supreme Weddings promotional page at https://www.facebook.com/Supreme.Weddings


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  1. Not to mention, almost every Boholano you will meet will try to pair you up with someone they know, as if it were their duty to save you from being single.

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