Many Facets of the Diamond

In a former entry I made suggestions whether “To Beach or not to Beach” when in Tagbilaran. Well, this is in case you opt not to.

Say you want to stay in Bohol and you’re not really a 24/7 must see the beach person then a place in the city with a prompt shuttle service to and from the airport/seaport, good ambiance and good service is a primary consideration. Also it is within 5 minutes of the city’s largest mall, the Island City Mall.

I’ve had the privilege of staying as a long time guest of the Dao Diamond and I’d have to say that it really was home for those few months there.

The Dao used to market itself as a bed and breakfast though hotel and restaurant is really much more appropriate because of the scope of its service. But upon entering the premises it has more the feel of a rich relative’s mansion rather than an impersonal place to simply lay your head.

Dao Diamond Lobby

It’s built like a house but has a certain native Polynesian feel going on. It feels personally rather than commercially decorated. It has a modest pool that is popular with Tagbilaran walkin patrons. It offers a varied price range to suit every budget from dormitory accommodation under $10 a night for the casual backpacker, to family rooms which can be around $100 per night. And for those who really want a home away from home feel there’s a single detached unit that has two bedrooms a living room and it’s own kitchen, affordable and offers greater flexibility for families and teams or crews.

The food is pretty good, choices enough for Filipino and international palettes alike. I highly recommend the frozen iced tea and the halo-halo, they’re personal favorites.

Best of all, your stay in Dao Diamond helps send Deaf children in Bohol to school. In fact many of the staff and crew of Dao Diamond are deaf and were once former beneficiaries of IDEA Philippines‘ education program. They’re the lucky ones to have been given an education and made something of themselves and are a continuous reminder of what the Deaf can do with the right kind of assistance.


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