Tagbilaran Exposure

Well it’s been a while. Thanks to a photographer friend of mine who asked for photogenic areas of my city. It was his visit and prompting that made this post possible.

So he’s already had two days of touring around Bohol and you’d think he’d have enough shots already. Turns out he’s already maxed out four CF cards and he still wanted to take night shots of the city. So I took him to Borja Bridge which lies between Dauis, Panglao and Tagbilaran City.

Tagbilaran City from across Borja Bridge
In the vicinity of Borja bridge. The lights are amazing

He loved the area and he went on a (camera) shooting spree while teaching me a trick or two about long exposure shots on my camera so these shots on this edition, proud to say, are all mine. We went clicking away from 11pm to 1am using our bags, my jacket, my helmet, my motorcycle and even flip flops to stabilize our shots because we got so excited we forgot to pack tripods!

Fishermen at the stroke of Midnight

Wanna go shoot with me?

Alternating white and yellow lights makes for a really dazzling display.

Find the rest of the pics here.


Awesome feedback! We got featured in Bohol Gateway.  Hope you can take time to visit their facebook page



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