One Hill of a Good Time

Not a tourist spot for sure but in Tagbilaran there is a place for a minor hike an a sort of a trail run good for a more challenging run a favorite of fighters in training, off road cyclists or even a nature walk for the elderly. It’s the hill of Banat-e / Banat-i, accessible mostly via Bool but Dampas and Habitat are okay too.

Gradual slope but challenging in some places.

There are some patches of wild flowers and lots of grass making good spots for selfies if you’re in to that kind of stuff. But mostly I see it as a sort of rustic neighborhood hill where one can get peace and quiet to sketch scenery,

My botany sucks is that poinsettia?
Wild flowers
Can anyone tell me what this is?

play your guitar, bring an outdoorsy date for a long walk, or channel your inner Rocky Balboa and jog to the top celebrating your sense of achievement with fists over your head screaming at the top of your lungs.

Of course it also overlooks Tagbilaran bay and the neighboring island of Panglao for that beautiful sunset shot.

After running on this…
…you get to this…
…and this.
(Long shot of Panglao Island as seen from Banat-e, Bohol.
Between the two islands is Borja Bridge which looks stunning at night.

It also presents a very interesting geology lesson. There are countless broken conchs,  scallops shells, coral boulders on the summit. Which I would venture a guess (geologist readers feel free to correct me) that Banat-e was once underwater and was brought up by the same forces that made the Chocolate Hills.

So if you want to add one more thing to your Bohol itinerary why don’t you take a hike and go to hill. The rest of the photos.


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