Tagging Along

I got lucky and was invited to tag along with my friend from Bohol Gateway to attend the “blessing” of a resort over at Sonculan, Panglao Island. The place is called Hidden Coral Diver’s Club. The name is kinda appropriate as it was a bit hidden from the main road. But after a game of “Follow the Arrows” we got there without a problem.

add a 038 to that number if calling from a number outside Bohol

It’s tagline, Comfort Rediscovered, alerted the skeptic in me, I’m usually wary of marketing, but seeing the grounds made a believer out of me. It was comfortable and elegant without being grandiose and imposing. It felt like going to a rich friend’s house. A rich friend who just happened to get lucky in an inspired real estate deal.

Honestly, the northern side of the island where the resort is located does not share the reputation as happening ,white sand party place of its southern side, which seems to be exactly the point here. Tagbilaran Bay’s vistas will draw you in for a swim, nay a dive which so happens to be the attraction that Hidden Coral specializes in.

The rooms look great, made to look quite homey and modern amenities like wi-fi are available.

Family Type room

I’d love to tell you what room service is like or even the demeanor of the staff but alas it was only lunch and a tour, so pictures are all the help I can give in terms of describing the Hidden Corals experience.

More pics in the link below

Complete Pics


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