Tragedy in Paradise (Bohol Earthquake 2013)

A magnitude 7.2 earthquake on the Richter scale shook the island province of Bohol at around 8:20 am today October 15, 2013. The epicenter was said to be in the vicinity of Carmen and Balilihan from 30 km underground.

The earthquake that was felt in neighboring islands of Cebu and Panay and as far as parts of Mindanao, leveled the centuries old churches of Loboc, Baclayon and Dauis.

Baclayon Church (image from
atop the Chocolate Hills complex (picture submitted to
Loboc Church (picture from

Some structural damage was sustained by parts of Tagbilaran City including parts of the Provincial Capitol Building, the back wall of Holy Name University Main Campus and the Malls BQ and ICM. Power was cut from the time of the earthquake till about 7:45 pm of October 15, Philippine Standard Time.

Airport operations are smooth and was resumed later in the day.

Classes are declared suspended in Tagbilaran City by Schools Division Superintendent, Evangel Luminarias but teachers will report for work to help in the inspection of school buildings and help determine their structural soundness. Private school officials will join the DepED City Schools Division to meet at the Tagbilaran City hall to discuss plans of action which may include the utilization of private school grounds as possible evacuation centers for the province.

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  1. I’ll be updating this as it develops in the next few days. I’ll be your eyes in Bohol. I’ll soon be taking pictures of Tagbilaran.

    Guys, Bohol is still a safe place. Coming here to visit us will help the local economy.Don’t stay away.

    Thank you for staying tuned in.

      1. Since it happened what is there to do now? The deck to view chocolate hills is destroyed. What about the other sites? Also since I am a fire fighter and in search and rescue would they be needing any help?

      2. you can always visit the sites as ruins, and there are of course the beaches. There are other spots as well like the and there are always the tarsiers. As I said the roads are passable by motorcycle. And I’m sure within a week or so 4 wheeled vehicles as well.

        There’s always lots to do.

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