Getting Up (Bohol Quake 2013 Day 2)

More than 24 hours and 600+ aftershocks later, Bohol is carrying on and working to get back to business as usual.

Markets are functioning

Public markets, gas stations, load centers, internet cafes, eateries and beach resorts at Panglao Island are all up and running. Communications like cell phones and internet are available though Sun Cellular is still down.

Local government units are mobilized and mobilizing their areas to respond to damaged infrastructure and evacuation. City inspectors in Tagbilaran, are busy assessing government buildings and private schools for structural integrity.

A survey of nearby churches show the damage done to them by the quake.

Baclayon Church facade
Dauis Church

From Baclayon to Loboc roads have sustained large cracks making them not so ideal for four wheeled vehicles.

On the way to Loay

From  the town of Albur(qurque) to Loay there are three bridges which have been deemed “for motorcycles only.” Larger motor vehicles like public transport end their trips at the Albur and the Loay side of the road.  Plying the three bridges are informal motorcycle services known locally as habal-habal.

The buses stop at Loay from the east of Bohol

Loay public market is currently serving as an informal bus stop for those who wish to travel further east from Loay in the towns of Jagna, Garcia Hernandez and so on.

For more pictures click the link below

Complete Pics



  1. Until recently paved roads were a novelty outside Tagbilaran city and tourist areas, so the areas of road damage present a routine challenge to experienced motorcycle drivers. We do that all the time in Tagbilaran city navigating different degrees of construction from newly stripped all the way to freshly cured cement.

    Sadness maybe in a lot of people’s eyes but the sense of community is overwhelming. You can see people gathered around tables under picnic tents eating, laughing and sheltering people who need help. Around the church ruins there was still laughter, witty banter and people eating popsicle sticks while taking photos. We can do this. Bolanon wa’y Kurat (Nothing fazes the Boholano)

  2. Are you from Bohol or a visitor of Bohol? What’s going on in your area? Send me your pictures and email me your story in your side of the island so we can bring it to the attention of people who can help us. Send your materials to and I will credit you for the information when I post it.

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