Mobilizing (Bohol Quake 2013 Day 4)

The City

As of October 17, 2013 Tagbilaran City traffic has gone up to about 30-40% of its usual density. People are less afraid to go out despite the magnitude 6.0 aftershock from around 7:50 that morning. The supermarket portions of BQ mall and Alturas has opened for commerce and supplies have been flying off the shelf almost as fast as the salesladies could stock them.

This was to be expected because the earthquake happened during the 15th, a payday. So the malls were ready for the large volume of buyers as it was scheduled to happen anyway. Banking and remittance systems are working so donations via wire transfer are very welcome.

Eateries and hotels (those that are fit to operate) are reopening so off island volunteers do have a place to stay.

Relief Efforts

A huge turnout of volunteers was reported by Bangon Bohol in their relief efforts over at the Tagbilaran City Cultural Center. Among the needed goods, drinking water is a priority according to relief volunteers.

Fresh water delivered by boat from Tagbilaran City is a life saving event

Bangon Bohol says

Metro Manila Drop-Off Center is at the ground floor of the Development Academy of the Philippines, San Miguel Avenue, Ortigas Center, Pasig City. You may also text Hedz Paredez at 0905-669-1115 if you want them picked-up. These will be transported to Bohol via PAL and Cebu Pac. Volunteer groups at the City Cultural Center c/o Liza Macalandag will take care of the packing, distribution of the relief goods. For medical professionals in Metro Manila who want to avail of the free transpo, you may contact PAL Foundation at 851-2980 and 855-8000 local 2653

Other donation options:

1. For donations from LGUs:
DBP – Tagbilaran City Branch
Account Name: Provincial Government of Bohol
Account Number: 0780-008214-081

2. For donations from Religious Groups:
Metrobank – Cogon Branch, Tagbilaran City
Account Name: Social Action Center – Diocese of Tagbilaran
Account Number: 712-371204324-6

3. For donations from Private Sectors and CSOs:
RCBC – Tagbilaran City Branch
Account Name: BCCI
Account Number: 1468430947

Other Advisory

From Chris Ramasola of Tagbilaran:

BOHOL PEOPLE PLEASE BE ADVISED. These are the evacuation centers around Bohol. If you are in the area, please be updated. Most relief goods are given in evacuation centers:

Alicia (2)
1 Alicia Elementary School
1 Alicia Basket ball court

Bilar (7)
1 Dagohoy Brgy. Hall
1 Campagao Brgy. Hall
1 Poblacion Brgy. Hall
1 Cambigsi Brgy. Hall
1 Cabacnitan Brgy. Hall
1 Brgy. Bonifacio Brgy. Hall

Buenavista (4)
1 Buenavista Oval
1 Brgy. Rufohill (open area)
1 Church Plaza
1 Buenavista Elem. School

Calape (6)
1 Oval Sports Complex
1 Cultural Center
1 Munical Plaza Calape
1 Calape Central School
1 Talisay Brgy. Hall
1 Looc Brgy. Hall

Corella (2)
1 Corella Plaza
1 Purok Centers

Loboc (4)
1 Sto. Nino Shrine Plaza
1 Triple union elementary School
1 Camayaan Nat’l H.S.
1 Alegria Open Ground

Sierra Bullones (1)
1 Plaza

Tagbilaran City (1)
1 Gallaries Sports Complex

Tubigon (4)
1 Tubigon East Central School
1 Tubigon West Central School
1 Tubigon Tennis Court
1 Community Hospital

Ubay (5)
1 Ubay College
1 Ubay Football Field
1 Municipal Ground
1 North Eastern College

Guindulman (1)
1 EC Mayaga High School

Loay (1)
1 Loay Church Plaza

Carmen (1)
1 Carmen Plaza

Getafe (1)
1 Getafe Plaza

Panglao (4)
1 Plaza Church
1 Eric Flow Hotel
1 Lourdes Plaza
1 Lourdes High School

Inabanga (3)
1 Undo Elem School
1 Lawis Elementary School
1 Poblacion Elem School



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