Helping Out (Bohol Quake 2013 Day 5)


As of today October 19, 2013 the DSWD has reported more than 90,000 food packs distributed to the affected areas of Bohol.  And that the US Embassy has donated $50,000 towards the victims of the calamity.

On foot distribution of food packs at Maribojoc (from the Bangon Bohol
facebook page complete pics here)

The loss of Abatan Bridge has necessitated a new land route. From the Bangon Bohol site the route they recommend to people who will be sending their help personally  should take this route: Tagb-Corella-Balilihan-Catigbian-Libertad Tubigon-San Isidro Proper-Abehilan San Isidro-Tabuan Antequera-Antequera proper-Aligway Maribojoc-Maribojoc proper-Loon via national road. This is for all vehicles as there maybe roads suited only for motorcycle traffic. Incidentally, the port of Tubigon a long known alternative point of entry to Bohol is now becoming the RORO port of choice to more easily reach the western parts of Bohol.

IDEA Philippines a long time NGO in Bohol dedicated to helping educate the Deaf of Bohol have sponsored children in the towns of Jagna, Loon, Talibon and Sagbayan. They are also conducting food distribution efforts for the rest of the island and are based at the Dao Diamond compound in Tagbilaran City.

Youngest volunteer at the Dao Diamond, Santa Fe Hall

Science Content

Rumors have been circulating texts and social media speculating about the cause of the October 15 quake.  The most disheartening and unhelpful speculation is that there is a volcano underneath Bohol. What Philvolcs has explained was that they suspect another cause than was first thought.

Possibility of a northwestern fault system in Bohol

It is now hypothesized that it may not have been the East Bohol Fault that was the cause but a formerly undiscovered fault system from Carmen extending towards the northwestern part of Bohol. What caught Philvolcs by surprise is that according to their waveform analysis is that the fault responsible for the quake is possibly a blind fault.

Blind faults are harder to find because their surface expressions are not as revealing. Bohol’s crust being largely limestone tends to be easily eroded by rain erasing traces of some of the visual signs.

Bangon Bohol Operations

WE LOVE BOHOL / BangonBohol partner Divine Word Outdoor Club (DWOC) was deployed to Agahay, Maribojoc to transport and distribute emergency relief packs provided by the Provincial Government of Bohol (PGBh).

Goods for the other isolated barangays Toril and Busao were dropped off via the military chopper. This is part of the PGBh special relief operations for isolated highlands.

Going to Agahay, they trekked along the banks of Abatan River, and left it via the Kabawan road. Damage on roads, bridges and built structures is evident and quite alarming.

Today, DWOC will trek to the mountain barangay of Jandig, Maribojoc. The backpackers and motorbikers of Aid Bohol Ministries, meanwhile, will be off to Tabuan, Antequera. (Yesterday, AID Bohol helped distribute cooked food items in Cortes.)

Few More Details

If you will donate please try to fill in the needs as listed here:

Also we there are requests for waste tarpaulin to be used as temporary shelters:

and finally…

…a word from the Philippine Department of Tourism



  1. Regarding Sun Cellular, apparently there is Sun service in Bohol but for some reason some of the old numbers (like mine) were not updated and could not get back from “Emergency” status. So I bought a new sim and updated all my contacts.

    If you’re from Bohol and your Sun Cellular sim is out of whack get a new one. People might be contacting you through that.

  2. It’s good that cellular service is still functioning. Imagine if communication is cut off! I wonder if Ham radio(Amateur Radio ) is active in Bohol, this would be a very good means of communication if all else fails.

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