Making Do (Bohol Quake 2013 Day 7)

Today was supposed to be the opening of classes for most schools but the Department of Education in Tagbilaran has declared a suspension of classes all the way to the 5th of November, possibly to give time to make necessary repairs to classrooms, the settling of the aftershocks and the opening and repair of major roads of the province. Like wise the COMELEC has postponed the baranggay elections in the province.

Abatan Situation

A makeshift bamboo foot bridge has been constructed to facilitate foot traffic at the Abatan Bridge.
Sight seeing kayaks have been converted to ferryboats.
Road works and repair are on going non stop to clear blocked roads. Steel girders presumably for the repair of Abatan bridge are already on site.


The citizens of Maribojoc are making do with the services of paddlers as they serve as their means of transporting goods and even their motorcycles so that they can go in and out across Abatan river. There is a stench of decay in the air when approaching the bridge. One could speculate that this could be due to the poor sanitary conditions caused by the earthquake possibly caused by the waste of some of the evacuees.  Which is why together with food and water, medicines are also very high on the list of relief goods requested.

Baranggays Still in Need

Provincial Government Update of Towns Served

Relief efforts contuinue (photo from YeYe Alday at ABS CBN Sagip Kapamilya Center.)
Relief goods on the way (pictures from Yatake Ug Tumbe)


As more and more people are served and more critical places still need to be reached, vigilant citizens of the province are using their technology and social media to good use. Reports of Captains and Mayors controlling who receives what from donors are being reported and circulated on social media. One such is a warning from a foreign volunteer in the operations in a western town of Bohol warning other volunteers to give the food packs door to door because some Barangay Captains reportedly keep the packs for themselves.

One video is spreading on Facebook regarding an alleged Barangay Captain arguing with his constituents because the relief goods did not pass by his office first.


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  1. With regards to the supposed incoming Magnitude 8.0 quake. News agencies and Philvolcs have denied releasing such an announcement.

    Please stop spreading such rumors please.

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