Getting Traction (Bohol Quake 2013 Day 9)

Today is the second full day wherein I felt no aftershocks in Tagbilaran City. That’s saying something good.

So finally today the last mall in Tagbilaran to open has opened. The Island City Mall has opened for business. It’s opened up the entire mall in one go rather than go for the “grocery first” approach done by the others earlier this week.

ICM first day of opening since the quake

About 60% of the shops are open but the main department store is still closed, however some department store inventory is being sold in the main hallways, stuff like mattresses and cookware fashion items, not yet.

In the Swing

By now relief goods distributors have gotten a system going and all that needs doing is finding new roads to the more remote towns and make sure everyone gets what is needed. Still more hands to get the work done is always very welcome.

We need more help for the bagging and distribution

However news from several networks reveal that there are outbreaks in evacuation sites due to poor sanitation and proximity as well as exposure to the elements. So it is well advised to the relief goods operators keep up their resistance. Get enough rest, take your vitamins etc.

From Bangon Bohol

Tupas, Antequera was a three-hour trip from Maribojoc on our first visit last Monday. A barangay we thought only a few families were affected. That first trip our target barangays were Tagubaas and Bliss and only a drop-off at Tupas. We served 24 families in Tagubaas & identified residents injured by the earthquake. Landslides are still a concern and cough and colds is common. In Bliss, there were 40 families we identified and given food packs and they too are suffering from cough & colds especially children. Brgy Tupas, we found that the state of need required for us a special mission.

The next day we went back with enough provisions and used a different route. Tupas is hilly and twice bigger than the Poblacion of Antequera but we found routes that took us there faster. We delivered goods and needed medicine based on yesterday’s assessment.

More Water

ORO Hi-Q of Cagayan de Oro, thru the efforts of NBI Deputy Director Virgilio Mendez, sent their MOBILE DRINKING WATER SYSTEM to Bohol to help address the need of Boholanos for drinking water. They have supplied drinking to a few towns since yesterday.

Another mobile station to deliver potable drinking water to those that need it. (Photo from Joanne Pinat of facebook)

They are currently stationed at Poblacion, Inabanga but they will be moving their mobile tanks to different towns.

Thank You Red Cross Singapore

(from gmanetworknews)

The SRC donated S$100,000 (roughly P3.5 million) worth of relief supplies for quake victims in Bohol and Cebu.

These include food, basic hygiene and medical supplies, according to a news release from the Singaporean Embassy in Manila.

Additionally, the SRC deployed a team of volunteers on October 18 who helped in the relief operations in affected areas.

In Tagbilaran City, SRC volunteers assisted surgeons conducting surgical procedures. A second SRC team will be deployed to help the Philippine Red Cross in its medical mission in Bohol.

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