Repairing Bohol (Bohol Quake 2013 Day 10)

Volunteer work for this disaster involves packing, lifting and transporting the goods.

Packaging operations at the Bohol Cultural Center

There are about four official centers in Tagbilaran and the one at the Bohol Cultural center has the extra task of loading relief goods onto helicopters at the Tagbilaran city grandstand which serves as a helipad able to accommodate up to four Philippine air force helicopters at a time.

Airlifting supplies to unreachable towns

At the moment of this writing the officer in charge of air lift operations is Philippine Air force Major Rivera, a resident of Cebu.

He has the job of turning a ragtag team of soldiers, ROTC cadets and civilian volunteers into one working unit. Good job sir.

Loading the chopper at the Tagbilaran City Grandstand

More towns need to be reached, more volunteers are coming and more donations are always welcome.

Bangon Bohol!

pics of relief goods packing here


In Other News

PHILVOLCS assures that the fault will no longer generate the same amount energy in the near future as its potential energy has already been released words like, not in this life time were used. To indicate when another big one is to come.

The discovery of the fault in the town of  Inabanga has made positive identification that a reverse fault caused the magnitude 7.2 quake that rocked Bohol last October 15, 2013.



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