Baby Steps (Bohol Quake 2013 Day 12)

After three straight days of seismic quiet another longish aftershock was felt in Tagbilaran City around 1 am today, causing many, “Can’t return to sleep” statuses on Facebook earlier today. It was how ever not at cause for alarm and there were no reports about its effects,

Tagbilaran continues to make its contribution in the relief efforts with the efforts of young and old helping out . Piles of goods have been packed but more volunteer vehicles and drivers for dispatch would be helpful in delivering the needed supplies.

Sometimes we are reduced to packing salt when we run out of goods to pack

As the days progress tourists have been reported to patronize Bohol’s favorite places again. The Loboc River cruise is once again open to business. Come one come all.


Are you Bolanon? Are you a photographer? Make a difference, join us in our plans to save Bohol one shot at a time. Your pictures can tell our story. Join us at the Dauis Church Plaza on October 27, 2013, Sunday at 330 pm.

Most of Bohol’s beauty is still in tact. Join us to advocate Bohol’s beauty

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