The Bells Beckon (Bohol Quake Day 13)

It’s the second Sunday after the quake and today a few people came and attended a meeting that may be the start of something big. The meeting was set to at the Plaza of the Dauis Church. However constant rains throughout the day forced the meeting to the nearby Cafe Lawis. More on that meeting below.

In the same place we heard church bells of a diminished timbre. It was not the louder imposing church bell that could reverbrate throughout the neihghborhood but it was a call to the faithful nonetheless. It was not from the traditional belfry as the main church structure was damaged during the quake,

Behind Dauis Chuch

but it came from the grounds of Cafe Lawis that temporarily hosts mass in their audio visual room.

Mass in the AVR

It’s humbler than the grand sanctuary of old possibly not more than 100 sqm of floor space not enough to hold all the attendees. The overflow of the people was accommodated by two tents, who were attending mass by loudspeaker as they could not be accommodated by the meager room.

Mass by loudspeaker

This is repeated several times across other sanctuaries across the province. While at the slightest aftershock statuses of worry are updated all across facebook the faithful seem ever stronger on their hold on faith.

Flash of Inspiration

On the cafe side of Cafe Lawis another gathering transpired. A few photographers in Bohol and of Bohol responded to a challenge of helping the province one shot at a time. Among them were Inquirer’s John Chua, and Ramasola Studio’s Chris Ramasola.

Aerial shot of Baclayon Church by John Chua

In the tragedy of the quake that hit Bohol people contributed what they can, food, money, and manpower. In the middle of all this, the camera seems hardly the tool that will take the lead in rebuilding Bohol. A thousand trucks can send relief and hope to those devastated. A thousand hands can pack, and distribute supplies to needy hands. A thousand pesos can feed several families for a few days. But what can a thousand cameras do? Or even a thousand pictures?

We could do this for Bohol (picture from John Chua)

If a picture is worth a thousand words then even the most tongue tied can shout volumes in every shot. And if we focus our lenses on Bohol to capture it in its entirety, the good, the bad, the tragic, and the beautiful, we can share what more needs to be done, but more importantly we can also share that there is a lot more beauty in Bohol that was left unharmed a lot more beauty to be discovered.

It is in the hopes that the pictures will inspire more people to action to help rebuild Bohol.

Do you want to join us? Add your info in the feedbacks section below.


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