Answering the Call (Bohol Quake 2013 Day 14)

Yesterday was election day for the rest of the Philippines except in places like Bohol where it has been postponed till the 25th of November. Though vital the activities of sending and coordinating relief have become routine and aftershocks are all but gone.

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Tagbilaran seems recovered and in a week students will return to school. And the task of rebuilding lies ahead. When media moves its focus to election results, protests and body counts due election violence, it will be Bol-anons that will have to make sure that Bohol is not forgotten.

Photography With a Difference or PWD is a concept in which photographers become a force for change by using only the power of the camera. As documenters of the truth we let our pictures speak volumes about the subject matter that we shoot, which at this point and time is Bohol.

The Chocolate Hills remade, as captured by John Chua

Photographers of every discipline and persuasion from professionals to hobbyists are welcome to take pictures, to take many pictures, to take as many pictures as we can. And when put together our pictures will tell the story of Bohol during the time of the Quake 7.2 2013. We will shoot the entire gamut of experiences, from loss to hope, from tragedy to recovery. We will use the photos to invoke feelings of empathy and sympathy.

Tragedy: From Maribojoc during Day 2 (Picture from Lisa Macalandag)
Hope: Across Baclayon Church During Day 2, onlookers viewing the destruction while eating popsicles.

When the pictures get the attention of people that can help, we will then gladly point them in the direction of our beneficiary – Bohol.

Please send your feedback below and help us help Bohol.


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