Press On (Bohol Quake 2013 Epilogue)

Bohol’s struggles are far from over. More people need help and rebuilding is a long arduous task. But we are up to the challenge. Kalag-kalag (the holiday of Halloween, All Saints and All Souls Day)  is upon us and the season of the dead has reminded the rest of us that we are still alive to celebrate it.

Parking lot utilized as flower stands in the heart of Tagbilaran City. Flowers are a vital part of Kalag-kalag (literally souls)

And if there’s one thing that Bolanons do well it’s holidays. Celebrating while having so little is nothing new to Filipinos and certainly nothing new to Bolanons. life goes on, work goes on.

Business as usual.

Already the tourist spots are back in operation, an alternate vista of the Chocolate hills in Carmen is  available, the food service at the Loboc River Cruise is now more efficient. The ruins are now part of tour packages and uplifted faults are now being dubbed as The Wall and will soon become an eco-environmental-geoscience destination.

Come Tuesday students are back to school and the Baranggay elections will again be at the center of things to get ready for the elections on the 25th of November.

There is still more to see in Bohol as even its inhabitants are discovering.


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