Sublime Shores

PWD Bohol was birthed in the Island of Panglao, Amorita resort, where PDI photographer and Canon Ambassador John Chua laid out his ideas as to how Bohol based photographers could work together to use the power of pictures to tell the story of Bohol’s fate and future,  illustrating both the damage done and what it can become.

Part of that plan is to show places of exceeding beauty and adventure and show everyone else that a lot of Bohol is waiting to be discovered. (Exactly what Bohol Eyes has been about from the get go.)

Getting inspiration about Bohol’s beauty is not difficult to do when brainstorming in a place like Amorita. Though not that obvious from the front gate, the rear entrance opens up to a long stretch…

Alona Sunset

…of powdery white sand, with rows of resorts and restaurants along the shoreline of Alona Beach. However vibrant this avenue of fun is, it is not anywhere as noisy, crowded and unruly as other white sand party places in the country. Indeed, Alona remains as a family friendly location where kids and adults can enjoy.

Meanwhile Amorita makes sure that your family’s stay is a truly relaxing one. The views are wonderful, the staff friendly and even if you bring the kids along the hotel makes sure there’s something for them to enjoy leaving the grown ups to have their own playtime.

A sunset view from Amorita’s Dining area, Saffron, which showcases their infinity pool and the beautiful Alona Beach.

During my first visit to the island of Panglao, I found myself transported to the closing scenes of a spy movie. It’s the part where the spy sits on a reclining bench facing the blue water while beautiful people walk past. I picked up my phone and called my buddy, “This is where rogue agents go to hide.”


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