Continuing on a Highnote


The Loboc Children’s Choir (LCC) in it’s various batches have long been a Bohol’s pride and joy. Their singing is world renowned, having won various contests here and aborad, entertianing, inspiring and touching audiences in Spain, Switzerland, China to name a few a places.

Loboc Children's Choir in Concert
Loboc Children’s Choir in Concert

During Quake 7.2 of 2013, the LCC have been a comfort and insipration to those devastated by the disaster and to the rest of the Philippines and the world the most beautiful voice of the province.

bohol australia
In June of this year, the LCC will be on tour in Australia and New Zealand to raise funds to help the province of Bohol to raise money for the benefit of the still destroyed churches all over Bohol. But before they get there, limited engagement concerts will be held to raise money for their airfare.

The first of these concerts was held on May 16, 2015 at Kasing Sining’s Cockpit Arena where the widely acclaimed Teatro Porvenir was staged, last February and March. (see story here) The event was attended by guests of Peacock Gardens and Amarella Resort.
The audience was treated to a night of angelic voices with a repertoire of local and international pieces, both classical and modern, religious and contemporary. Hors d’oeuvres and drinks were served before and after the concert during an interaction with the young performers.

Click the picture to see one of their special numbers that night.
Click the picture to see one of their special numbers that night.

Encore concert is on May 30, 2015 get your tickets now!


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