Eclipse: El Gamma Penumbra and Loboc Children’s Choir Fusion Concert

Bohol is still swooning from the intoxicating and festive season of Sandugo. It’s that time if year, an occassion even bigger than Christmas, when Boholanos, (Bol-anon to the locals) paaaartey! Also 2015 happens to fall on the bi-annual event known as TBTK or Tigum Bolanon sa Tibuok Kalibutan, which means the gathering of all Bolanon from all over the world, which becomes a fiesta and reunion rolled into one. Among the food, street dancing, celebrity appearances and pageantry, one event was destined to be remembered as a highlight in Sandugo history. The Concert of Champions, which was held at the Bohol Wisdom School, featured the world acclaimed Loboc Children’s Choir and the phenomenal Asia’s Got Talent Season One grand champions, El Gamma Penumbra, which we had the chance to meet in person at the newly opened Just Sizzlin Restaurant in Tagbilaran City.

El Gamma Penumbra and Dulaang Kasing Sining at the newly opened Just Sizzlin Restaurant

The groups showcased the best of their best, showing off the pieces that have made them worldwide celebrities. The Loboc children’s choir performed entertaining pieces such as their Disney Medley, their Sister Act Suite, and the hypnotic Kruhay. Not to be outdone, El Gamma presented the pieces that made them champions in Pilipinas Got Talent and Asia’s Got Talent. In a fusion number with the LCC they performed their winning rendition of the LCC’s interpretation of of The Prayer in the arrangement of Celine Dion and Andrea Bocceli, with the poignant visuals that reminded the audience of the disasters of 2013, namely the 2013 Quake of Bohol and Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda), followed by their Asia’s got Talent Grand Finals winning piece, Colors of the Wind.

The captivating Loboc Children’s Choir

The program concert was a night to remember an spectacle of sight and sound that sent the crowd cheering and asking for more. Towards the end of the show, El Gamma and the Loboc Choir gave the audience a performance that will not be repeated anywhere else. In tribute to the Sandugo festival and to the homeland of El Gamma Penumbra’s manager, Dong Pilotos of Tubigon, they presented their rendition of  the provincial hymn, Awit sa Bohol garnering applause and heartfelt appreciation from the Boholanos and the Governorof Bohol, Gov. Edgar Chatto.


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