Silangan Balai (Sunrise House)

The point of going on a retreat is to be away from it all. When the beach has become synonymous to summer fun, and civilzation is too easy to access, you need another hideout for that serene-zen mood that you’re looking for.

Welcome to Silangan Balai (poetically translated as Sunrise house). It is technically in the municipality of Loboc but accessing it is via Loay. A good 20 minutes from the main road through some rough but manageable terrain. Once there the trip would have been worth it.

Sunrise at the Sunrise House
Sunrise at the Sunrise House

The compound boasts of a majestic view overlooking the Loboc river emptying to the Philippine Sea. The name is true to its promise, those with the will to wake up through comfy breezy nights at the break of dawn, will be treated to Instagram worthy sunrises, perfect for selfies and bragging rights.

There is also a pool with delicate landscaping and dormitory facilities that can handle a hundred campers if need be (we’ve been doing that on a yearly basis). There are enough bathrooms and showers for everyone with hot water.

Mess Hall
Mess Hall

And of course, team building activities need space, lots of space for running an trust falls and three leged races. You can do all that in the multipurpose court which handles night activities very well.

Multipurpose Court....
Multipurpose Court…. night
….at night

And did I tell you that they have a pool?

Water and a view
Water and a view
You have to be fit to play this game of chess
You have to be fit to play this game of chess.


Come check it out over at Sunrise House.


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