Chirstmas comes early in the Philippines. When September hits, it is said that the “-ber” months are here and it gives license to every radio DJ to start playing Christmas songs on radio.

The Diwata bridge with the Aplaya restaurant over yonder
The Diwata bridge with the Aplaya restaurant over yonder

In Bohol, days before December hit, in the island paradise of Panglao, the Bluewater Resorts Panglao hosted thier yearly, “Walk Among Stars,” a benefit dinner concert for the benefit of public elemmentary schools of Danao and Looc districts of Panglao, Bohol, and the Bantay Dagat whale shark conservation group.

The ladies of the HNU Chorale
The ladies of the HNU Chorale
Jam403 and their mellow music.
Jam 403 and their mellow music.

Bluewater Resort Panglao’s Aplaya restaurant hosted a delectable dinner that did not dissapoint. Food was plentiful and the atmosphere was excellent for a relaxing Friday night dinner.
The dynamic Raul Gatal of the Bohol Chronicle hosted the event making way for the performances of the cool bossa notes of Jam 403, and the enchanting Thailand Interational Choral Singing Bronze awardees, the Holy Name University Chorale.

The highlight of the evening was of course the lighting of the path of stars which spans the walkway between the resort entrance all the way to the Aplaya. And within the resturant itself a giant christmas tree of native Filipino motif.

The giant tree lighting ceremony.
The giant Tree of Hope lighting ceremony.

Filipino Christmas Lanterns, parol, of all sizes and magnificent colors were spread as a small galaxy where one can walk around and enjoy constellation after constellation of stars heralding the Christmas season. There were lanterns in the garden and lanterns over hammocks, benches and garden chairs. Stroll and lose track of time, these are the perfect things to do at the Bluewaters Resort Pangalo, come see for yourself.

Lantern Panorama
Lantern Panorama (click for the whole picture)
The Enchanting Hardin
Blazingly bright
Blazingly bright
Sit talk a while...and wish upon the stars.
Sit talk a while…and wish upon the stars with someone.


...or in solitude
…or in solitude

More Pictures at the Bluewater Beach Resorts Panglao, facebook page. (Photos by BoholEyes)



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