Coffee at Fred’s

I’ve known from a few years back that there are guardians of literature and literacy in Bohol. And in this regard I’ve made a few rounds in poetry reading nights. Some do it for beer , others for peace, but this time around it was for love.

From prose to poetry, the bloggers engage in a poetry reading night.
From prose to poetry, the bloggers engage in a poetry reading night.

It was November 21st when Fred’s Cafe hosted the first poetry reading night of the Bohol Bloggers Collective  in time for it’s first anniversary celebration.. It was attended by people who loved poetry, loved books and loved good food. Fred’s Cafe offers food that goes well with reading namely coffee, sandwiches and pasta. It’s a cozy little nook that satisfies your caffeine and bliblio fix. But that night was about poetry.

The place had cozy seats and nice quaint talbles all the while having the bar and counter in clear view, ready to serve and tempt you with treats and more caffeine. However should the main room prove to be to cozy as to lull you to sleep, you may also opt to drink you coffee al fresco. Which still is fresco in Tagbilaran owing to the noticable lack of pollution. Or if you rather have your brain picked follow Alice in to the rabbit hole and get a little mind bending going on.

Do you dare?
Do you dare?
Too late
Too late

Between poems like this, there were other activities like a quiz show in which Potterheads ran away with a lot of the prizes, which included leather bound journals, candy bars and red velvet cupcakes. Hooray for Expilliamrus!

Bohol Bloggers Collective has more videos of the event over at their facebook page.

However the night wasn’t all about fun and games (even though it totally was). The event was but together by the BBC to serve as a venue for our book drive to help donate books to public schools that need it.

Fred’s Cafe is located at 0128 Remolador St. Tagbilaran City Behind the University of Bohol Campus.


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