Boholano Food Done Right at the Just Sizzlin’ Food Complex

Eating Like a Local

The universal problem of Filipino food, great tasting but it’s really hard to go haute cuisine on presentation as most foods are homogenous or a repetitive color palette. That was the challenge for restauranteurs VJ and Pam Racho owners of Just Sizzlin’, the hub of their food realm.

It was in 2015 that I had my first taste of Just Sizzlin’ in the company of no less than the international champion dnace theater group, El Gamma Penumbra. From Sizzlin’s humble beginings, their passion for taste got even hotter. In the years that followed, the Racho’s did a redesign of their old Bohol restaurant and come up with a more inviting familiy friendly store that focused on Boholano food.

Just Sizzlin’ has expanded their menu from roasts, barbecues, and sizzlin plates to old time Local Food Favorites as attested by their tagline, “Eat Like a Local” As multi course meals commonly begin with soup, say hello to the warm refreshing Boholano equivalent to Nilaga the unassuming and yet comforting Bas-Uy and its more vegetably brother the (Ni)Law-oy served in Just Sizlin’ with coconut milk for a truly hearty finish.


The savory light Bas-uy. Made from slooooow cooked pork meat and bones and fresh vegetables lightly seasoned to signal the beginning of a sumptous meal.

Soups however are just the beginning, true to the name, Just Sizzlin’ serves their meat dishes HOT! Hot in two ways, fresh off the grill and spicy hot. Dig your teeth in thier chicken wing platter and dare to order the Sexy Spice. There’s nothing subtle about the spiciness. The aroma of the proprietary blend of toasted chilli powder hits your nose before your first bite, with a spice that glows steady and clings to the back of your throat after swallowing. Arguably the hottest chicken in town.

Chicken wings done right.

Word to the wise, eat the spicy chicken last, you will be needing your tastebuds for the parade of flavors from local favorites to reinvented classics.

Ask for the signature flaming chicken

Boneless lechon is a certified foodie craze to hit the Visayas in recent years. All the lechon heart stopping goodness without the chopping hazard that the whole pig brings. Made from the choicest part of pork belly wrapped around fresh herbs and seasoning roasted over a spit to bring out that no dipping sauce needed flavor. Crispy outside, succu-tender-licious inside just the thing worth ignoring doctor’s orders for. (The Boneless Lechon is also available at Roasters, Just Sizzlin’s takeout kiosk)

From the left, the champion boneless lechon next to the equally sublime Cheezig which as it’s name intimates is a plate of the modern classic sisig with a generous layer of cheese sauce. The chicken wings platter and a leg of chicken barbecue. More in our Instagram

Sugar Rush

I have a cheat day once a week, on Sundays. But Just Sizzling’s desserts legislated a moratorium on my diet. How could I say no to the poetic confection that is Sweet Bohol, built on an ube scoop foundation, adorned with cabcab wings (sheets of tapioca), flooded with a tableya (local hative chocolate) based dark chocolate sauce.

naked turon sweet bohol.jpg
Sweet Bohol Have Mercy


And just to add to your transgressions, the decadent turon makes its way as Naked Turon. A deconstruction of turon with it’s natural paring of candied jackfruit and again that tableya chocolate deluge.

Naked Turon. Definitely safe for work.

And finish your final meal with a campfire favorite made gourmet. enter baked smores ooey-gooey yuminess couched in a hidden chcocolate bed.

Baked smores. And just for that I’m gonna stop it with the desesrts my blood sugar just spiked reading this. I’ll be back tomorrow.

But that’s not all Just Sizzlin’ has up its sleeve. More on that on the next post, I promise. Just now I wanna get some of that Naked Turon.




Get to know Just Sizzlin’ better over at

And find them at:

  • (038) 412-0902 / (038) 422-8551
  • P. Del Rosario Street, Poblacion 1
  • Tagbilaran City 6300

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