Just Sizzlin’ Food Complex Adventures at Tamper

Desserted Place

After the dinner at Just Sizzlin’ I was led to the cafe section of the restaurant dubbed Tamper. Seriously bloated, the parade of cake, and pasta and coffee and smoothies were like tasty mirages beyond my reach.

Parting is such sweet sorrow! But, I shall return!

So, I did what a good general would do. A tactical retreat. I returned the next day with a clear head and an empty(ish) stomach.

So with a clearer head I returned in for brunch as the sign subliminally suggested from the night’s earlier retreat. I felt at home. It was the kind of cafe that pulls me in to work, high ceiling, clean minimalist ambiance, big windows and power outlets at the ready. All round me people had the same idea, the trifecta of coffee, carbs, and computers. This peace and quiet has gotten my vote this will be my new office away from the office.

Brunch done right.

I was in the mood for something filing and savory and the sandwich selections got my attention. Spicy sausage seemed just right, right away we were a match made in cafe heaven. The rich cheese and tangy sauce was really tied well together by the savory sausage. Beautiful.

A cup of tea to calm the nerves

Across my table I met a Russian couple was polishing of their plate of pasta and cake, which according to them was the best they’ve had during their five day stay. With no recommendations or prior information, they found Tampers during one motorcycle ride. They were drawn in by the modern aesthetic and the scene of happy eaters. Immediately became their favorite.

Tampers, I will be back. Your cakes and I have a date with destiny.




Tampers cappuccino. Smile and relax


Just Sizzlin’/Tamper/Roasters is located at P. Del Rosario Street, 6300 Tagbilaran City

Contact them through (038) 412 0902

Directions here



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