Into the Woods

I was once told by a friend that the Man Made Forest of Bilar that it is a dead forest. Made more than 50 years ago as an effort to recover what was lost from years of indiscriminate cutting, it is a testament of what can be regained when people put their minds to it.

It has been commented though that the efforts came out lacking because the mahogany used to replant the area was not an indigenous plant species. And that the leaves and fruits have made the soil acidic and that there are no sounds of birds or other life other than the tourists that pass through.

I refused to believe that the sight of such a majestic canopy of trees with its own micro climate could be all bad.

There has always been a part of the man made forest that has intrigued me and it’s a little fork on the road that I could never visit every time I headed to the Chocolate Hills. Until now.

Welcome to the Bilar Eco Park. A sanctuary of indigenous plant and animal species. Yes animals. Birds chirp, insects bite and the trees are more ancient. There are trails to traverse and views to behold.

Boardwalk under ancient trees
Long nature trails
Diverse plant species

The heroes of the forest



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