There’s more to Bohol than the Chocolate Hills and Tarsiers. I should know.  It took me two years before I even saw them. Bohol has a lot more to show you than a sleepy vacation spot. If you know where to look there’s a lot you can do and a lot more to see. Even after the October 15, 2013 magnitude 7.2 earthquake, Bohol still is a very beautiful place to go to.

For example, in my experience, the best way to do the countryside tour of Bohol is by motorcycle. Smell the sea salt air and the trees, get wet in the occasional showers. I’ve taken people on the back of my beat up 110cc underbone motorbike and there has only been praises for the experience. And this I will show more of, you’ll see.

Passing through the Man made forest.

Is it better to get a hotel room near the beach or in the city? Well it depends, ask me I know. What else is there to do for fun other than touring? I’d know too.

Let me show you where it’s at and what’s up and about in the Island of Smiles. You’d be surprised that we still smile in spite of everything. We’ll soon be back on our feet.

tagged along with my friends as tour guide, photographer and live entertainment
Oldest Church in Bohol in Baclayon circa 2011 before the Magnitude 7.2 Megaquake of 2013. (now)

Is there a place or event you’d want to know about? I’m your man. Are you planning to go to Bohol but think there’s nothing left to see? I’ll prove you wrong.

Are you from Bohol and you’d want people to know about you? Email me at boholeyes@gmail.com
Also follow our other pictures on Instagram and use the hashtag #boholeyes if you want to contribute to the site, I’ll be sure to credit you.



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