Bohol 360 (Part 1)

I finally did it!

Ever since I lived in Bohol, I’ve always wanted to do a full 360, that is to ride the coastline of Bohol and make a full round trip. And it was worth it.

This trip has been the biggest challenge my little red 110cc bike ever under took. Traveling more than 300kms of coastal road under the sun and the little bugger, Red, didn’t give up on me. On my measly 3.5L tank I was able to make the trip in two top ups. Woooohooo!

A word to the wise, while helmet regulations can be a bit lax in Bohol, wearing a helmet is what kept headaches at bay. That cap you’re wearing will be nowhere near enough to keep you cool from the heatstroke inducing sun. Some tourists try to ride under the Philippine sun all macho and shirtless, tut-tut-tut, that’s heatstroke waiting to happen. Use sunblock on your face if it’s  not a full face helmet. Have sunnies on, and full sleeves to cover your arms. And never, ever wear shorts, or you’ll get that funny red lap that looks funnier than it feels.

Finally taking that ride.

So, anyway, I started the trip from Tagbilaran City headed west on the southern coast of Bohol, that was  the first leg of the tour. There I passed the towns of Baclayon, Alburqurque (al-boor’ to the locals), Loay, Valencia, Garcia Hernandez, Jagna, and Anda. (There are more in between but we can look them up and focus on them another day.)

The trip was a zen experience of unbroken turquoise and blue sapphire coastal waters and miles and miles of greenery. This was a reconnaissance trip so I’m sorry if I don’t get into much detail about the towns that I drove past.

Turquoise and aquamarine waters.
Even stopping for gas is an adventure. (Garcia Hernandez gas station by the Coast)
Behind the gas station

On the road you see glimpses of provincial life, fresh produce by the roadside tended by farmers, whose fields are right behind their stalls.

Watermelon anyone?

Loading rice for distribution (did you notice the campaign posters? It’s election period.)

I took this trip on the weekend before Election Day 2016 which was May the 9th. And passing by Jagna (a town known for it’s amazing calamay) I find a sight that is most heartwarming…

…a stand against the corrupt practice of vote buying. Go Jagna, Go Bohol!
One more time.

After admiring the guts of the Jagnaanons, and past the town of Guindulman, where the Bol-anon ija-ija, aho-aho accent gets even thicker. I finally arrive at the rising beach resort town of Anda. I found a cozy little pension house a stone’s throw away from the beach for ₱800 ($17), to get ready for the second leg of my trip the next day

Welcome to Anda!
Anda shore
Anda beach on low tide
ANDAts all folks!

#boholeyes #bohol360



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